Executives and
HR managers


As an executive, you bear a great deal of responsibility, work long hours, and need to take tough decisions at times. Clearly formulated and realizable goals are of the essence because everything you do is scrutinized. That can play havoc with a person and could lead to burnout. The Optimize-YU programme helps you to take preventive action. It provides you with all the tools you need to stay at the top of your game.

Continue functioning optimally as a top leader

HR managers

HR managers often guarantee the long-term health of the company’s workforce the traditional way. Via the YU methodology, the YU coach offers you a fresh look at the existing tools within HR management so that you can turn the body into a generator at various levels. The YU coach teaches you how to use the body to achieve long-term health at all levels (physical, emotional, and mental), to manage stress and to maintain and optimize efficiency at work and at home. Your company will reap the benefits of that.

Passionate and efficient employees, full of vitality

The group of YU coaches is made up of numerous specialists, who, aside from monitoring you with the YU epigenetic scan, also provide you with other advice and services. This is how you, as an executive, will remain at the top of your game and how you, as HR manager, can promote the continued vitality of your staff.
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