You are unique

your health program should be too

Total health approach

Using the YU epigenetic scan, Optimize-YU offers you a total health approach that gives you an insight into the physical processes and enables you to optimize your health by means of the Optimize-YU method.

Based on your body’s condition, we provide you with a tailored nutrition and appropriate food supplements plan. In addition, we identify and give you an understanding of your personal stressors, whether caused by internal or external factors.

Our approach is designed for:


Top athletes looking for optimum performance, maximum recovery, and a minimum of injuries

Executives and HR managers

Top leaders who want to stay at the top of their game and HR managers who want to ensure that their workforce is a happy and healthy one

Private individuals

Anyone who is determined to enjoy the best possible quality of life and wants to take preventive action to stay healthy and fulfil their potential for personal growth

People in the showbiz

Anyone who wants to stay in the business and be in charge of their own levels

"With the YU method, the strength lies within you"

Epigenetic scan

From the moment you are born, your unique DNA is exposed to all kinds of influences. Harmful influences can lead to illness.

It is those influences the epigenetic scan analyses. The therapist gets an insight into your current physical condition and based on that information, can offer you a suitable nutrition and appropriate nutritional supplement plan and give you a number of strategies to transform other irritants.

This analysis is carried out regularly to monitor your body’s evolution during the programme. Life and physical processes are dynamic. Through analysis, we can monitor you and systematically provide you with an insight into your changing needs.

That way you can grow as a person, function healthily and capitalize on your unique potential.

Training courses

Optimize-YU organizes training courses that teach you all about the body’s dynamics and the many a healthy life. We also offer an advanced course where coaches learn how to use the epigenetic scan in practice.

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