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Astrid Claes

As a young athlete, Astrid Claes was passionate about exercise. In the first division volleyball, she won the Belgian champion’s title and took part in European competitions. From an early age and throughout life, she was also involved in other sports. Like many athletes, Astrid had her own share of injuries, requiring physiotherapy treatments. Because of her injuries she developed a new passion: understanding how the body works. She began with the rehabilitation side of sports physiotherapy. Successive courses and experiences gave her the insight into the movement of the body at micro level.
Her extensive travels with the WTA brought Astrid in contact with other acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese natural medicine. She became determined to integrate everything because each approach contributes to well-being from a different angle. Given the countless aspects that impact on the proper functioning of the body, she realized she needed an objective measuring device to translate priorities into an action plan.
In her own practice, C, she switched to a holistic approach that looks at every facet of human functioning to foster a well-functioning, self-regulating system the organic way. In 2018, she set up YU Optimizing People to pass on the experience and knowledge she had gained via and began to organize training courses to enable qualified YU coaches to mentor people individually and holistically, using the epigenetic scan.
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