YU method

A top athlete’s most important tool is his/her body. Over a relatively short economic life, that body is put under intensive pressure in aid of maximum performance. With the YU method, the YU coach maps out your current situation and elaborates a sophisticated personalised to optimize the sources of energy that fuel you.
This is how we help you to structurally achieve optimum athletic performance throughout your career. We teach you how to maximize recovery and to take preventive action so that your energy and performance levels remain high, and degeneration and injuries are kept to a minimum. All treatments can be extended on the basis of your personal goals, focuses or the desired follow-up.

Optimum performance, maximum recovery, minimum injuries

Our group of YU coaches is made up of numerous specialists, who, aside from monitoring you with the YU epigenetic scan, also provide you with other advice and services. This is how you achieve top performances and will continue to function optimally, outside your sport included.

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