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We believe joining forces uplift all who are involved and feel privileged to call the companies below our partners. Optimize-YU is open to cooperate with all professionals who share our vision of prevention and improving natural Health.  


From wellness to well-being – founded by Jef Geys

Jef is an expert in personal training and tailor made exercise programs based on testing your Health status. The programs are monitored by advanced technology and depend on your brain-nerve status, cardio, hormonal systems, etc. 

Together with Jef we started an Academy for Health practitioners who want to become a high quality therapist, able to perform based on your microlevel (cellular) and macrolevel (exercise movement) needs.

Rise Up Health specializes in fatigue, burnout, stress, physical training, nutrition, supplementation and increasing mental resilience. They have successfully treated Olympic athletes established a treatment program for healthy lifestyle adepts. For those who are concerned about their Health and want to be in top shape.

As a Msc. Sports Physiotherapist, ACE Health Coach and author of “Rest is the New Sport”, Jef Geys starts with the following premise: first the body has be fully equipped and in good condition before effort load. He tests physical, hormonal, mental and emotional fatigue. Based on the test results, he advises on how to increase energy levels and find a balance between load and recovery. His guidance focuses on different areas, from food to sports and time management.

The emotional, physical and mental aspects of the person are linked. It is useless for people who are mentally tired, to attend a management course. Capitalizing from it, requires focus. First, you need help to manage your stress and physical issues. Then you can truly benefit from training, courses and physical activity. As long as you experience fatigue, improving is harder and slower.


Strong balance & lasting meaning – by André Pelgrims 

As a highly experienced and specialized coach, André provides a healthy mindset and growing programs for (young) leaders. He welcomes all individuals aiming towards a healthy mind-body balance and enhancing personal growth while building awareness.

The Taking Wing premises in France provide the opportunity to work on your personal story in the peace and quiet of nature, guided by professional coaches. The organization has the same aim as Optimize-YU, working along complementary paths, driven by the same insights and awareness.

This requires an increased awareness of oneself, the others and the context. As a professional coach of groups and organizations, André can be your guide. He finds it fascinating to look at the, sometimes hidden, potential of the individual and the group. In this quest, he integrates both the physical and emotional as well as the mental and spiritual dimensions of our existence. Taking Wing aims to fulfil this mission in the world.


Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs with ambition – by Katrin Van de Water 

Katrin guides you to clarity in your own personal talents, competencies, professional career and business awareness to succeed your dreams and passions.

Katrin is a business mentor for female entrepreneurs with ambition and a desire towards more focus, freedom and peace of mind. Women who wonder ”Is this it now?” and ”What’s next?”. Women notice that growing becomes harder or even impossible and that the glass ceiling is reached. If they do succeed in breaking through, it’s only by working even harder and work-life balance & Health sacrifices.

Good news! There is really another way, one that includes freedom and Katrin can help you to realize it.


AQwaVit Water Vitaliser – by Lode Denecker

Our trusted supplier for vitalized water filtering tools and home cleansing & energizing.


Biotanjo – by Tanja Staraj

Our trusted supplier for 100% natural body & beauty products.


Nutri1All – Online Distribution Platform

Our trusted supplier for high quality, safe and natural food supplements.


Pentapower – by Lode Denecker

Our trusted supplier for radiation protection.


Solsties – by Karen Peger

Our trusted supplier for ethereal oils, blossom remedies, room sprays, anti-radiation tools, natural body & beauty products and YU-Packages.


WHC Labs – by Annick Deraedt

WHC Labs Belgium

Our trusted supplier for high quality omega 3 and other essential oils.

In case your company or practice would like to join the YU-Network, please contact us

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