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Why YU, when other Health programs failed to help me before?

Most Health strategies are too general. Everybody is unique therefore our holistic test method results in a tailor made plan with focus on the priorities and cures adapted to you. This process requires a throughout follow-up of your ongoing inner dynamics and that’s where YU makes the difference.

How do I know when YU works?

We can measure the changes in your body even before you will be aware of them. Following up on you on a regular base, you will also start to feel the results of your step by step optimization process after a few weeks.

What if YU doesn't work for me?

YU works for you if you implement our advice and follow the outlined optimization plan. Our programs are adapted to your most subtle system and tailor made to your unfolding DNA. The positive changes that result from this can only be reversed when you would ignore our suggested trajectory, when you drop out of the proposed program ahead of time and before your supplements had time to integrate in your system.  It is also important to realize that recovery might take a while and depends on the time you have been straining your body before starting one of our programs.

Waar kan ik Nederlands selecteren?
Onze website is momenteel enkel beschikbaar in het Engels. Al onze coaches spreken echter perfect Nederlands dus neem gerust contact met ons op mochten er teksten zijn die we mondeling kunnen toelichten. 


What does YU mean?

We combine all interpretations of YU in our method to optimize people.

In Scotland YU stands for “the first, original“. You are unique, original and the first most important person of your life. You are one of a kind, an original piece of Nature’s creations. The best project to invest into is yourself. A satisfying, Healthy, happy life and personal growth starts with you.

In Japan YU means “hot water“. Our bodies contain about 70% of water and it’s quality is of primal importance to keep your body and cells Healthy. Every person has a unique passion, a fire inside. Through the dynamics of fire and water life shows itself in all her forms and miracles. The first acupuncture point of the kidney meridian is called YU-Sen and refers to a bubbling source: an energy and potential waiting to be manifested.

In China YU refers to a girl’s name meaning “pure beautiful Jade“. Jade is a crystal known for its high qualities through bodywork such as cleansing, protecting, providing harmony, balance and abundancy. This gemstone enhances self-realization and self-reliance. It helps to release negativity and works profoundly on the heart energy, stimulating love, care and tolerance. The stone also stimulates the capacity to think freely in all directions and gives you the power to convert theory into practice and implementation.

For this reason Jade is our corporate stone, enhancing our most important values.

Why is your company name Optimize-YU?

YU is a short and very powerful name containing all what we want to stand for to make this world a better place. Every person is a unique miracle with enormous potential and we will help you discover your individuality, your energy and your passion/mission in life.

YU makes you realize you have all the power you seek inside you.

Optimize is to grow in the right direction. 

Can I reach Optimize-YU by phone?

The Optimize-YU Headquarters number is +32 (0)3 290 77 75.  In case of multiple calls or outside of business hours please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible or contact us here.

How does the YU-scan work?

The YU-Scan is a non-invasive investigation. It uses a special developed digital fingerprint test method: a combination of a physiological test (information about the cell-environment), an energetic communication system (bio-photons and scalar waves) and the degree of coherence in the body.

All this information gives us biofeedback about the expression of the genes, the protein synthesis and the metabolic activity in the body. The test itself only takes a couple of minutes to measure your status. The data is send to a test centrum over a secure internet connection and after a few minutes the results are available in your coach’s software.

How can this external YU-Scan, read my internal organs?

Everything is energy and has a specific vibration or frequency. With the epigenetic YU-Scan we measure de degree of coherence of all the vibrations and thus the quality of communication inside your body. The Health of our body, cells and organs is directly proportional to the quality of communication and its coherence.

What does epigenetics stand for?

Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes that exclude alterations involvement in your DNA sequence. The Greek prefix epi- implies features that are ”on top of” the traditional genetic basis we inherit from our ancestors. It looks at the genetic development potential and impact on metabolism your own body can achieve during its lifespan. 

On average, only 40% of your complaints and disorders can be reduced to hereditary factors. With epigenetic technology it is possible to alter this automatic unfolding subconscious program.

A large group of these disorders aren’t even genetically fixed, but occur due to unhealthy family lifestyle habits, passed down through generations. Up to 60% of your complaints and disorders find their origin in your current lifestyle, unbalanced nutrition and/or environmental factors. Our physical, emotional and mental well-being is the expression of our hereditary material and all epigenetic influences acting on it. Independent of what kind of genes you are born with, positive change is possible and achievable for every body.


Who initiated Optimize-YU?

Optimize-YU was founded by Astrid Claes in 2018. Based on experience, she has been developing the concept for many years before, simplified it procedure-wise and started training other therapists. She started out as a sports physio therapist in ’89 and over the years expanded her knowledge into many complementary fields like orthopedic manual therapy, osteo-, fascia-, bio resonance, movement analysis, nutrition, and much more. Through extensive field experience on the highest sports levels and connecting the dots from different scientific views, she recognized a hierarchy of bodywork procedures and priorities to guarantee sustainable results. As this valuable procedure can impact everyone who wants to live Healthier the potential has become large enough to pass her knowledge on to multiple coaches and therapists. This way more people who want to increase their immunity can follow a tailor made energy & Health-improving-program.

Are you doctors?

We are Health therapists and coaches whom assist you to improve your Health status. Every coach has had a profound education for holistic Health, new insights of natural Health based on physics, quantum physics and bio-resonance technology.

What degrees do your coaches have?

Our YU-Coaches present a very broad and complementary spectrum of degrees: sports-physiotherapy, orthopedic manual therapy, osteopathic techniques, fascia therapy, somato-psycho pedagogy, movement analytics, nutrition, medical orthomolecular therapy, cognitive therapy, neuro linguistic programming therapy, access consciousness bars therapy, bio-resonance therapy, personal physical teacher, yoga teacher, reiki therapy, herbalism, massage therapy, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, inner child therapy, family/team constellation and dynamic coaching. You can find all individual degrees and specialties at the individual coaches pages.


What about Covid-19?

At this time in evolution and during the actual global situation, more than ever before, you should realize that you are at origin a product of Mother Nature. Inside your body is a self-sustainable regulation system, with an immense intelligence beyond our capacity of thinking, at work. If that system is aligned with Nature’s order, it is working for you and has the capacity to adapt to every new situation by forming anti-bodies, mutations, or any other necessary transformation to survive. By keeping your immune system in high energy modus, your natural resistance and resilience will do the work for you. When your immune system is low, unbalanced or when alignment with Nature’s order is absent, you will be vulnerable to life’s challenges in general, viruses, bacteria or other intruders.

In the meantime our meetings and consults will be in strict compliance with all preventive local government regulations at all times.

Do I have to go on a diet?

You receive nutritional guidance which is more an overview of what kind of food and nutrients your unique body requires to regain its natural balance.  

Will I lose weight?

Our priority is to get your Health parameters back to the natural order. By doing so it might be possible that you will lose weight because old stacked toxins will release. When your goal is to lose weight, we can help you do it in a Healthy way.

Our revolutionary holistic approach to your optimal Health might trigger many questions. For others or more information, please contact us.

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